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How To Teach Kids The Right Lessons In Life

A Weekly Reward

In today’s society we see that there is a lot of issues involving children. Many people are saying that the kids today have no sense of responsibility. They say that their behavior has gotten out of control and they worry about a future where these irresponsible kids gain control. These same people will tell you that as children they were taught respect, politeness and proper manners. All of the important qualities that children should have are absent with the modern generation of children. Is what they say true?

rewards ideas for childrenUnfortunately, a lot of what they say is true. Who is to blame for this drastic change in our children? Once again, you will find these same people stating that is television, the Internet, the violent video games. These are the reasons for the bad attitudes of our children today. They are spoiled. They are selfish. They get everything they want without having to work for it. While comments like these may be true of the kids today in a general sense, it definitely does not apply to all children. What these kids need are some good child development tools.

There are children out there who do have respect for others, who do work for what they want, who understand that we all need to contribute if we want a happy family, a happy society. The difference between these children and the others boils down to just one thing. These kids that have a good attitude do so because of their parents. Their parents realize that they are responsible to teach and train the children and they do just that.

When you examine the difference between these two groups of kids you can plainly see which group has a responsible parent behind it and which group does not. These are obviously general observations and it is acknowledged that there are exceptions to every stated rule. Let’s take for example the attitude of working for what you want.

example of kids chore chartA responsible parent understands the principle of not allowing your children to have the attitude of “I deserve it” or “You made me, therefore you should give me all that I want”. A responsible parent will introduce an attitude of “If you want something then you need to work for it”. They usually do this by means of a chore chart. From a very young age children can be trained to do various household chores. These chores when accomplished are usually rewarded with a tool like a reward chart for kids With many parents they provide their kids a weekly allowance if their chores are done. If the chores are ignored then there is no weekly reward.